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Christopher Doyle

Christopher Doyle
Dropshipzone is an Australian ecommerce platform that allows businesses to start dropshipping, which is a way to start an online store without carrying or managing any inventory. It has quickly grown to be one of the leading dropshipping platforms with a wide access to suppliers and brands.
     Christopher Doyle & Co. were approached to rebrand Dropshipzone and reposition their offer as an exciting, digital and accessible platform. The new identity features a simple letterform logomark, a vivid tonal purple palette and bold typography for their messaging. The extended brand visual language is an abstracted representation of the supply chain, created an endless loop of possibility.
     I was responsible for bringing the brand to life through a motion system. Starting with animating the core brand elements, I used this idea of dropshipping to inform the motion behaviours, which either drop into place or moving along the supply chain. The product illustrations were then rendered and animated in 3D to give an extra layer of depth and flexibility as the products move. All together, the identity comes to life through a range of flexible and moving applications that show the world of possibility.

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