Hank’s Hot Box

Brand identity
Art direction
Motion design
Campaign design

Alana Dimou

Cat Wall
Hank’s Hot Box is frozen pizza done different: incredible handmade sourdough bases, rich tomato sauce and locally-sourced cheese, and all ready to eat in 7 minutes. Hank’s is delivered in a box to your doorstep to create the perfect pizza night from the comfort of your own oven.
     In 2021, Nick Allen approached me to rebrand the business as people were spending more time indoors and needed a delicious escape. The flaming pizza box icon was created to become the shorthand for Hank’s. Cheee from OHNO Type was chosen for the logotype to reinforce the cheesy deliciousness Hank’s offers. Copy was written by Cat Wall that was irreverent, cheeky and inviting.
     Across multiple COVID lockdowns, I worked with photographer Alana Dimou to create a suite of imagery. We shot these in our homes, sourcing props from our own cupboards and local thrift stores. Alana’s bright, documentary-style photography captures all the chaos and joy of sharing a slice with friends.
    All together, the brand is colourful, candid and joyful, continuing to evolve and adapt over time to keep Hank’s staying fresh.

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