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Christopher Doyle

Christopher Doyle

Brand New – #6 Best in Motion Design (2022)

Ortto is an automated marketing platform that allows businesses that sell online to target and market to specific audience groups. Put simply, it’s a way to supercharge Shopify businesses with more data and tools to reach their audience.
     Christopher Doyle & Co. renamed and rebranded Ortto (formerly Autopilot), building a new system of dynamic and colourful arrows, known as Journey Blocks, to communicate the role Ortto plays in the customer journey.
     I created a motion system and set of behaviours, speaking to this idea of journeys and connection. This was made up of a range of animating Journey Blocks that can be stacked, rearranged and recoloured to create endless looping animations. This was then handed over as a toolkit for the internal design team to implement.

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