Small Hours

Brand identity
Art direction

Christopher Doyle & Co.

Christopher Doyle

Saskia Wilson

Cat Wall
Christopher Doyle & Co. were engaged to name and brand this new company, focussed on creating sustainable and reusable alternatives to single-use products. The name Small Hours was chosen to reference to early hours of the morning, symbolising the time when decisions, routines and intentions are set for the day ahead.
     The logomark uses the colon found in digital clocks to reference time. This forms a simple motif that could then be either isolated or used in other verbal communication. This was paired with a warm, rich colour palette reflects these early-morning tones. We then engaged Saskia Wilson to capture a suite of product and lifestyle imagery. Her photography has warm and observerational style, all with a unique golden hour quality which connects through to the name. The tone of voice, developed by Cat Wall, carries this idea of time and urgency with a sense of hope for how we can use our hours to do good by the planet.
     I was responsible for naming concepts, the brand identity, managing the photoshoot and developing a full digital ecommerce design.

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